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Tips On Snorkeling For Non Swimmers

March 3, 2016
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Are you this person who often hears the marvels of snorkeling, the beauty of the underlying sea world and prone to the nonstop yapping of snorkeling friends who make weekend plans for snorkeling and you are left behind just because you don’t know to swim?

Well if that has been the scene we have some good news for you. To snorkel one need not necessarily be a swimmer and snorkeling agrees very well even with non swimmers. Just a couple of things to be followed and you are good to go snorkeling. Here is what a non swimmer requires to snorkel.

  1. Get the Right Snorkeling Equipment

The snorkeling equipment or kits consists of the essentials required for snorkeling such as the mask, snorkeling tube and swimming fins. To start with a simple kit will suffice which you can upgrade if you like your first snorkel experience and I bet you will. You can start with shallow waters and once in a while plunge in to see the corals and fishes in the area.

  1. Learn the Breathing Techniques

Make friends with a good swimmer if you haven’t already done this. Learn breathing techniques from them. The snorkel tube helps in breathing but it could be overwhelming for first timers. Despite the many offline lessons you take from anyone about breathing inside water, the actual experience is bound to be different. Hence go with a clear open mind. When you start snorkeling, enter a depth no more than 4 feet and with the help of your friend, go below water and practice a few times before you take a deeper plunge.

  1. Defogging The Snorkel Mask

The mask that you wear below the water is prone to get fogged. In order to defog it, you can apply toothpaste to the mask before you use it and then wipe it away or use baby shampoo which will remove the chemical outline from the mask. This will keep fogging to a bare minimum.

  1. Swimming Fins

Buy a good pair of fins and before you get into the sea for snorkeling, visit a swimming pool in your neighborhood and move your legs under water to see that they work fine for you. This is important to feel relaxed and enjoy your snorkel experience.

  1. Costume

This is very important for what you wear can easily change your snorkeling experience. It is best to cover well especially because you are a first timer. Your body may not accept the temperature of the water. To add to it, if the sun is out it may burn your skin under water. So get a good swimming outfit. Plus a full length wet suit can provide thermal protection.

  1. Camera

Last but not the least, buy or borrow a good waterproof camera. Click pictures of the colorful fishes and the coral reeds under water. Click everything that is memorable and don’t forget the selfie. How else will the world come to know that you have snorkeled?

With the above tips a non swimmer can begin to snorkel and who knows they may be motivated to learn swimming too!

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