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How to Use Snorkeling Fins

March 3, 2016
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The idea behind snorkeling is to enjoy the adventure while you explore the beauty of the exotic sea bed that houses several sea creatures. While you do that, it is important to take steps to enjoy your trip thoroughly and to do that one should save a great amount of energy that could be wasted in doing many things under water.

Although swimming is essential to keep you inside the water, it is also necessary to know that the energy required by a person to swim in a swimming pool is not the same while snorkeling. To one’s surprise or dismay, too much energy should not be spent in paddling inside the water. Beside wide usage of your arms and legs may in fact drive away the very sea life that you wanted to witness.

Sea animals may get scared and move away. In order to save you that trouble, there are swimming fins which help in minimizing your effort inside the sea. Buying a pair of swimming fins will just not do the job, knowing how to use them completes your task.

Know the Type of Fin You Need

Snorkeling fins are of two types, paddle fins and split fins. Using paddle fins one can make slow but longer movement. So this fin actually lets you kick slower saving some energy. This uses the longer bones and thighs of your legs. Split fins require faster kicking but with shorter lengths. This uses your calves and your feet. One can choose the fin that fits them based on the motion.

Learn the Right Usage

Make sure that your fins do more work than your arms and your legs can fill in the gap. As much as you contain yourself from using the arms, the more energy you save. Just keep your arms at your sides and enjoy the view.

The main idea behind using fins is to keep your legs relaxed after a small start. Give it a short interval and then motor again. The kick itself has to be smooth and with less force. Just imitate the tortoise that you get to see. Tortoise is the new calm at sea!


Unless you are training for swimming world championship, you need not be worried about using the fins. Invest in a pair of good quality fins. Test them in a swimming pool before the actual snorkeling to check for the fit and the motion. Small amount of practice will not harm. Both fins have to point straight.

In fact fins increase the safety factor. In case your energy has drained, one swish with the fins will transport you farther than you can do with your own leg. Especially when there are currents or big waves and wind, it helps maintain balance under water.

Besides helping swimmers enjoy the snorkel, even non swimmers are at an advantage with fins. With just knowing the basic swimming gesture and equipped with good supply of oxygen inside the waters, even a non swimmer can explore the exotic sea world, with the help of fins.

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