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November 25, 2015
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Snorkeling is considered as serious business. It is true that one needs to meander in shallow waters and doesn’t consider it dangerous or threatening. However, like with any sport, you need the appropriate equipment to get into the game. Let’s take a look at the various equipment needed for a perfect snorkeling experience:

Rule 1: Make sure you get the best equipment because skimping on something like that cannot be compromised.

Rule 2: Make sure your equipment fits you right. Whether it is your goggles, flippers or other paraphernalia your guide requests you to wear, make sure that they are your size.

Rule 3: Make sure you clean what you are using before using it. If you are hiring equipment, it is suggested that you thoroughly clean it yourself. No one wants some moisture breathing fungus to have contact with your skin.

Rule 4: Make sure you wear equipment that you feel comfortable with. You may never know what sort of allergy you might get from using a particular material like plastic. If something feels wrong, maybe you might feel itchy, go ahead and voice it out before you end up with a rash.


The first piece of equipment you will need for snorkeling adventure is a mask. When purchasing/hiring/borrowing one, you need to try it on first and make sure that it fits securely. The last thing you want is for the mask to misfit and malfunction. They also come made up of different materials and colors, so choose wisely. Unless you are a snorkeling aficionado, avoid buying something expensive if you’re not going to use it.


The number of fins that one can purchase are as varied as the marine life to be viewed while snorkeling. Here’s a tip: the lighter the fins, the more buoyant and the heavier, the more deep someone can travel under water. Again, make sure that you disinfect them before using them to prevent your feet from getting infected and also choose appropriate material that you are not allergic to.


It seems that snorkels actually come in three varieties: the old school ones that have an open hose for air, the mix breed that have a sort of lid that opens and closes and the new age, most popular type that stays closed, allowing for the snorkeler to delve into the deep. Try out the snorkel in a tub of water before heading out to the ocean to prevent any mishap from occurring.

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