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Snorkeling in Destin, Florida

March 3, 2016
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One can’t be too sure about the scenic beauty of this place. The compelling dilemma to choose between the white sandy beaches or the emerald green waters or both is always in the minds of the tourists who visit this beautiful place. Calling itself ‘The world’s luckiest fishing village’, for it boasts of consisting of the largest fishing fleet in Florida with a decent dolphin population. There is no way that the tourists would want to miss the unbeatable snorkeling experience in Destin. If you are one of them, then this is what you have to do to experience the snorkeling of your life.

Organized Snorkeling Trips

Destin is well known for some its well organized snorkeling trips. The trips run throughout the day with duration of three hours. The best part is the trip organizers provide you with everything you need to snorkel except of course what you wear (swimsuit), towel and the sun block gels/creams. The organizers even provide bottled water and soda per head. Food has to be bought by the tourists and can be carried to the ship. The ship has a restroom and has a trained crew.

Hourly Snorkel Events

1st hour

The ship starts from the shore and anchors at a spot no more than 3 feet in depth. Here one can walk on the white sands and vie small sea creatures like the crabs, small fishes and sea horses. At this spot one doesn’t usually need the swimming fins. Bare leg will do as the waters are quite shallow and the fishes behave very well.

2nd hour

The ship starts again and moves towards the dolphin homes. Here the tourists are aboard the ship and can view the dolphins high diving and synchronized diving (if you are really lucky!). At this point one can probably sip on the soda and take a quick bite of the sandwich or nibble a chocolate that one has brought. This hour and hour 1 are the best times to click some selfies or group pictures. Also at the end of the hour, if one chooses to do deep snorkeling then this is where you should get ready with the attire.

3rd hour

The best part of the entire trip, this hour awaits the exotic sea creatures and a never before experience of snorkeling. Here again the water can be shallow or if one chooses to go deeper they can do so. The exotic sea life swings right in front of your eyes while you visit it. The beauty is mind blowing and adventurous that one hour would seem like just a few minutes. Destin also provides free usage of single or double kayaks adding more spice to the trip.

The emerald green waters have an ethereal beauty about itself that is sure to keep you spellbound. Tourists who have visited this beach warn that the 3 hours trip is not going to be enough for nature lovers to consume the beauty of this splendid beach and sea life.

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